Video Game Review #3: Sonic Lost World

Not the Logo but it's the best I could find

Not the Logo but it's the best I could find

Evan Carioggia, Writer

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*Groan* I’ve only played a little bit of this game and I’m pretty sure I can rant on a pretty good bit about how much I don’t like this game. I’ll be honest, I bought it because it was on sale on Steam for a weekend for $10. So, I do in fact have the Steam Controller (which, was a great idea in retrospect however the controller itself sucks and I recommend just getting a Wired Xbox 360 Controller) which does alter my experience with the game, but I don’t like to think that I’d be all that different with an Xbox Controller. Look, I think I have a kick-butt computer: It’s able to handle the most intense games graphically. But for whatever reason, the game lagged for the first few levels, and let me tell you lag on a platformer game SUCKS. It is really hard to land on a small platform when the game freezes temporarily and then continues. It did wear off for the most part though. Also, I am only on the second “World” of sorts. The level selection system isn’t the greatest either. There are hexagonal spaces in which you can move around from space to space like a board game. The levels that you enter and play are on these spaces and you maneuver to them. I say maneuver because it is harder than you think to move on a hexagonal plane. Anyways, the levels themselves aren’t all that bad. The only complaint is that the in depth mechanics (if there are any) aren’t all that explained. Sonic Lost World tries to pull a “Mega Man X” and not have a clear tutorial. Either that or I just missed it (:P). So, I really didn’t know how to perform some complex actions (And I STILL really don’t). Apparently, Sonic can now kick enemies to take out a line of them, so that’s cool.


So, the story is a little stupid. Sonic and Tails are tailing Eggman in the sky while he is carrying away 2 tanks of animals (In case you didn’t know the robots in Sonic are powered by animals. Animal Cruelty!). Eggman drops one to distract the duo, which Sonic and Tails fall for. Eggman takes aim and fires a laser at Tail’s biplane. Tails is then forced to land on the mythical Lost Hex which they just happen to come across in the sky. The Lost Hex is essentially a planet made of hexagons. This is where the level selection comes from. Anyways, Sonic goes through the levels with new parkour skills, which he pulled out of thin air. More on that in a bit. Meanwhile in Eggman’s lair: He has recruited the Deadly Six to help him destroy Sonic and siphon the power from the Lost Hex (Just realized there are six enemies and they are on the Lost HEX as in 6 sides). However, Eggman is mistreating the Deadly Six and they turn on him and want to siphon the power for themselves. Sonic and Eggman must team up (cliche alert) to take down the Deadly Six. The fights aren’t all that hard, although I have no idea what the other 4 are like. Also, I hope you like cut-scenes, because there are a metric butt-ton of cut-scenes. Pretty much one after every level. No ending spoilers, mainly because I haven’t gotten there yet, but also because that would be rude. NEVER spoil the ending for someone.


Next, a few game play mechanics which I’d like to share. My favorite has to be the addition of parkour. Sonic can now run up walls for a bit and can grab on to ledges. Grabbing on the ledges is a God-send although it can sometimes feel kind of cheaty as traditional Sonic is pure platforming torture. Moving on, as I mentioned before there isn’t a clear tutorial (at least not what I’ve seen). This makes it kind of hard to figure out how to perform a couple of things, like wall running and grabbing onto ledges, which I didn’t realize until a few levels in. I realize that Mega Man X has received so much praise for letting the player figure out the controls, but in Sonic Lost World, there really isn’t even a tutorial level! The first level throws you right into the action with no idea how to do a couple of things that allows the level to flow smoother. Like a few previous games, Sonic Lost World features 3D and 2D play. In some sections you will be dodging enemies and walls left, right, up, down, the whole shebang. And then you may transition or start a level in a 2D side-scroller part like traditional Sonic. Both parts I like a lot, but I prefer the 2D over 3D. In 3D you have a lot more to worry about mechanics-wise. Plus there are a bunch of hidden things and places that you have no clue how to reach. The primary collectible mechanic are red rings and these are usually in the places that you have no clue how to reach.


You should try Sonic Lost World if you enjoy Sonic and want to see what the latest installment is like. It’s not the best Sonic, but it is a thousand times better than *giggles* Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. Honestly, I wouldn’t really recommend it to anybody, but I can’t really stop you from playing it. It’s YOUR funeral.


Have fun on your gaming adventures and good day to you.

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