Is it better to be honest and poor or dishonest and rich?

Evan Carioggia, Writer, Debater

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The Conditions:

Honest And Poor

-You always tell the truth and always have told the truth, with only a few white lies like: “that dress makes you look gorgeous!”

-You are living on minimum wage, probably in a tiny apartment on the bad side of town

Dishonest and Rich

-You lie about almost everything except for government documents and maybe to your family

-You are living the good life! You have a mansion in your favorite city in the U.S. and don’t have to worry about money problems ever!


The Debate

Honest and Poor: I think it would be better to be honest and poor because people will trust you, and trust is an important thing to have. Regardless of monetary problems that you may have in life, having people who trust you means that you have people to talk to and fall back on. If you lie all the time, it will come back and get you! You’ll make enemies who will want revenge. Eventually, you will make so many lies that you start mixing up stories, and you better bet that people will catch you! Why lie all the time? Just to have money? Be honest, so what if you can’t afford nice things, you are a nice thing!

Dishonest and Rich: I think it would be better to be dishonest and rich because you won’t ever have to worry about one of the most important things in the world: Money. So you don’t have anyone that trusts you, so what? You have a yacht and jet-ski that you can take on your oceanfront house that you just bought! You can rent out anywhere, or just buy it! Forget people, you have money!


The Survey

We asked a few people this question and here’s a paraphrased version of what they said (they had long explanations):

“I’m just really bad at lying.”

“If you’re dishonest and rich then people will see you as a bad person and greedy.”

“If I was dishonest and rich the lying would eat away at me and eventually I would just come clean.”


What are your opinions? Would you rather be dishonest and rich or honest and poor?

Voice your OWN opinion in the comments below!

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