Looking for a Chromebook?

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Looking for a Chromebook?

Felix Wittig

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Chromebooks are usually cheaper, lighter and more efficient than most laptops. The only problem is that there are so many Chromebooks out there to choose from.


Let’s talk about whether or not a Chromebook is right for you? 


A Chromebook is a laptop running Chrome OS. The devices are designed to be used primarily while connected with the internet. All of your data is stored in the cloud. Chromebooks are a good example for a “thin client” (an online user who stores everything in the cloud).


Here are some key questions you should ask yourself:


  • Do you primarily use your laptop while connected to the internet?

Chromebooks are made mainly for web clients and not for offline users.


  • Do you need any special programs?  

Chromebooks usually can’t run any programs. So make sure that your program is available as a browser version or in the Chrome Web Store.


  • Do you like apps on your PC?

Chromebooks are optimized for google apps.This experience can be positive or negative. If you are already using google services, it will be easier for you to set up your Chromebook.


  • Do you like to play games?

You’ll still be able to play games, but they will be limited to the titles available in the Chrome Web Store.


Advantages of a Chromebook:


  • The first advantage is the price. Chromebooks cost between $200 and $350, depending on the model, manufacturer and storage capacity.
  • Chromebooks are extremely secure. Chrome OS apps and web pages run in a restricted environment called a sandbox.
  • All of your data is stored online.
  • Battery life. (depending on the model)

After you answered all of these questions, and have done some of your own research if whether or not a Chromebook is right for you, there is still one question left:


Which chromebook should you buy?


It depends on your budget and on your personal needs. Base models start for about $200, more advanced ones for about $450, and high end chromebooks for $1200.

Specs aren’t as important as they are for Windows laptops and Macs.


Here are some guidelines for the key parts:



The processor and RAM will determine how smoothly and fast your Chromebook will perform, especially when you have multiple tabs open and you’re streaming videos or play games.



When it comes to RAM, 2GB is standard for a Chromebook, but you can find some models with 4GB on board or more. I personally would get 4GB just to get more power. More power makes multitasking much easier.



Most Chromebooks come with 16GB onboard storage. Depending on your needs you might want to get more.


Size of the Device

The size of the device depends on you. If you travel a lot, and need it for classes you might want to choose a smaller one.



The last thing is the screen. For most people it is the most important part of their device. You can usually choose between 1366 x 768-pixel and 1920 x 1080 pixels. I personally prefer a higher resolution, but that’s totally up to you.  


So good luck and happy buying.



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