Debate: Jelly Doughnuts vs. Not Jelly Doughnut

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Debate: Jelly Doughnuts vs. Not Jelly Doughnut

a typical glazed doughnut

a typical glazed doughnut

a typical glazed doughnut

a typical glazed doughnut

Evan Carioggia, Writer

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Jelly Doughnut vs. Regular Doughnut

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Probably our tastiest doughbate as of now (and only our second,) we, at The Voice of JE, wish to ask the most legendary question:

Jelly Doughnuts or Non-Jelly Doughnuts?

‘Tis an age-old question that dates back to 3:00 PM on December 1st when I wrote this article.

The unofficial definition of a jelly doughnut:

a doughnut whose center is filled with any type of jelly, jam, or preservative

The unofficial definition of a non-jelly, or regular doughnut:

a doughnut whose entire inner makeup consists of baked dough ONLY

I am sad to say that we will not be including Boston cream doughnuts or any other filled doughnuts. We will be EXCLUSIVELY debating jelly doughnuts versus regular doughnuts.

Pros of Jelly Doughnuts:

  • Satisfying to bite into
  • Makes the doughnut less dry
  • Typically sweeter especially because of the usual glazed topping or powdered sugar topping

Cons of Jelly Doughnuts:

  • Messier than regular doughnuts
  • Doesn’t have the usual pastry texture
  • Could be too sweet for some
  • More to do you are making the jelly doughnut

Pros of Regular Doughnuts

  • Consistency: you’ll always know what you’re going to get
  • Easier eating in comparison to jelly doughnuts

Cons of Regular Doughnuts

  • May be too boring for some people
  • Could be very dry
  • Could not be sweet enough for the consumer

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