Contest Between Teachers Gets Ugly For Donations

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Contest Between Teachers Gets Ugly For Donations

Hunter T. Simmons

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Beards, cans, and competition for charity.

An annual tradition at Jordan Elbridge high school is the “Ugly Beard Contest,” in which teachers and staff compete to grow the “ugliest,” most “gruesome” beards to collect donations for the Jordan Food Bank.

The winner each year is chosen by vote. Votes are cast by donating cans or cash to a deserving winner.

After Thanksgiving break, teachers begin growing their facial hair and collecting donations.

In the 2015-2016 school year, the equivalent of 1700 cans were donated to the Jordan Food Bank.

Some teachers have utilized unique tactics to coerce students to donate to their campaign. For example, technology teacher, Mr. Bruno, offered the student who donated the most cans under his name the chance to shave off his mustache if he was declared the winner.  Last year’s winner, Mr. Alexander, offered a “100%” on a homework assignment for students who donated cans to him.

“It was for a good cause, so it felt good. It felt good to win,” said Mr. Alexander.

Mrs. Rumpf, a social studies teacher, made ugly beard history last year as the first female candidate. She looked to shatter the bearded glass ceiling and become the first female ugly beard champion. She even prepared a homemade detachable beard constructed from her dog’s hair.

The ugly beard contest begins after Thanksgiving break and ends the day before Christmas break. Students rally in the auditorium to see the results. The winner is given a large, golden trophy depicting a bearded man.

“I’m looking forward to participating this year. I hope we can raise more cans than last year,” said Mr. Alexander.


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