United States Post Office gets Swamped with Deliveries

Makaylah Macko, Student

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Christmas season for the post office is a dreaded time for the mail carriers because they get bombarded with thousands upon thousands of packages and letters each year. This year was no different compared to last year.


Skaneateles mail carrier, Zig Macko, has worked for the USPS for four and a half years. During the holiday season Macko works until the 24th of December.


Macko says during the holiday season the normal eight hour work day rises to “,on average 3 hours more.” This increase of hours is due to the winter weather and how many deliveries need to be made.


Macko says the Christmas season brings about 100,000  letters and an average of 6,000 packages to Skaneateles. Large cities such as Albany deliver nearly 7.7 million parcels and as many as 17.8 million letters.  Due to the surplus of work to be done during this season, mail carriers work longer hours, often during night time. Macko explains that he has to “finish the route in the dark with a miner’s lamp.”


After the holiday season, the United States Post Office returns to its original schedule until the next year, where the surplus of packages begins again.

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