Eagles Continue Flying With Their Win Streak Reaching 6

Zakary Curtis, Student

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The winning streak continues with the boys Varsity Basketball team beating Pulaski Tuesday night, the 30th of January. In the past few weeks the Eagles have been soaring – beating teams left and right including their rival Skaneateles.

The Eagles have been having a standout season alone with big wins against Solvay, Marcellus and of course Skaneateles. This season is the first season in over 20 years since the Boys Varsity Basketball team has beaten Solvay, Marcellus and Skaneateles in the same season The win streak is a big deal especially with sectionals coming up, which the team clinched with a win over APW on Saturday the 27th of January. CJ Green, member of the Boys Varsity Basketball team, says they are, “well deserved wins against opponents.” Green was also weary when asked how long the streak will continue saying, “I can’t answer that right now, it depends on how well we play in the upcoming games.”

Since the Eagles have clinched a playoff spot the players are excited for the future since the team was unable to make sectionals last year. Green says the team, “has a pretty good chance” of winning in sectionals since the team is “getting better every day.”

This season has been one of the most exhilarating seasons for the boys. They seem to have a good connection on the court and brotherhood off of the court, which is what every successful team has. “It’s been fun to be with the team watching everyone improve each day” Green says.

The Eagles played Solvay Wednesday at home and extended their win streak to 6.

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