Teachers Strike For 9 Days

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Teachers Strike For 9 Days

Abbey Karlik, Writer

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Schools are being shut down and it’s educating the nation. Teachers across the United States are striking against education cuts and walking out for the rights of their students. Though the protest has been misconceived as educators simply asking for higher salaries for their own benefit, many are rallying for better supplies and higher education funding in general.

To further prove this point, teachers are using social media to post pictures of disfigured chairs and dilapidated school textbooks.

Most of the outcry has been generated from the recession and education budget cuts of 2008 and state legislatures today are paying for it. Beginning first in West Virginia in March 2018, multiple others states such as Oklahoma, Arizona, and Kentucky, are joining the fight. West Virginia schools have currently been on strike for 9 days. According to Time, West Virginian teachers have some of the lowest pay in the nation. Oklahoma has been on strike for 4 days, despite gaining a $6,100 pay raise on average. Kentucky has also been on strike for 4 days. Whether or not you agree with the issue, it’s important to stay educated because these schools hold the future of this nation. For further information, feel free to click the links that helped create this article. They will be listed below.

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