The Varsity Softball Team

Ashleigh Gage, Student

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The Jordan Elbridge Varsity Softball team has started intensely preparing for the 2018 season. In preparing for this season, the girls have been learning from their new coach, Katie Byrnes. According to senior, Morgan Schneider, Coach Byrnes is very passionate about the team. “She has introduced new techniques to us that she used in high school and college”, Schneider says. “Coach keeps our heads up”.

Although the girls haven’t played many games yet, Schneider has high hopes for the team. “I think this year our team is going to do better than previous years”, she stated. Schneider also believes the team has more talent, and there are more players that play travel ball, or play year round, than before. The team has many players with strong experience, as well as a coach who has taught them “new, useful, and smart plays.”

Not only has the team been playing well, but they are also more connected than years past. During their game on April 11th against Mexico, “almost everyone on the team was able to play and show talent within the game”, Schneider emphasized. Since everyone was very involved during the game – and the girls won 18-5 – spirits were high after the game. “I didn’t feel obligated to put my headphones in”, she says. “Our team is more connected this year for sure.”

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