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The Electric Car

The Electric Car

November 5, 2015

Last year, Mike Auer, Dylan Groom, Eric Hourigan, Jared Jennings, Zach Rink, Bailey Bourque, Austin M...


Felicia Fiacco, Editor

May 15, 2015

Filed under Classroom/Clubs/Creativity, Clubs

If you're good at trivia and love competition, Masterminds is the club for you! "Masterminds is a trivia competition." explains Mr. Kufs, the teacher in charge of Masterminds. Jordan-Elbridge has participated in Masterminds since 2007 in the Syracuse West Division. "It is played all over the state of New York." says Mr....

You’ll Find Me Backstage

You’ll Find Me Backstage

May 11, 2015

It’s Spring and the stage for this year’s musical is blooming with activity. Finding 6th grade teac...

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