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Abbey Karlik
Abbey is a giant geek about...well, everything. If not traveling in the TARDIS along with the Doctor, she probably has her nose stuffed in some book about a lovey dovey romance. Abbey enjoys reading because of the emotion and different perspectives it creates for the reader. Because of this, she also loves to write. "It's important to feel all emotions, good and bad." Abbey says. "Without one, how are you suppose to know and appreciate the other? I feel like reading conveys this important idea and that's what I would like to show others." Abbey's other various interests includes: history, video production, philosophy, and learning in general. Ask her about music. She'll tell you something about your favorite song, surprising you with information you never knew. She's filled with facts like that. Through Abbey's eyes, everybody's perspective is valuable. To her, it's important that everybody's view is understood and respected, so we can further help one another and work together.

Abbey Karlik, Co-Chief Editor

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“A great poem should move you, shake you, and remind you what it is to be human.” -Oprah Winfrey (Story)
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